Fermanagh County Museum - Top Things To See

Fermanagh County Museum – Top Things To See

This incredible castle located beside the Erne River, in the county of Fermanagh, was built over 600 years ago, making this one of the strategic points during WWII. This Castle has a vast amount of history that is very interesting. If you are thinking of visiting the Fermanagh County Museum, then you should arrange for one of the many tours offered here daily. Make sure you take one of the tours specifically designed to inform you of the significance of the castle and how it was used during WWII or you can learn of its overall history.

William Scott (1913-1989)

This internationally acclaimed artist was born in Scotland, he is one of the best-known Ulster painters. During World War II, he was teaching to art to children at an art school in Britain.

One of the largest collections of William Scott’s paintings is held at the Fermanagh County Museum. By visiting the Fermanagh County Museum, you can take a guided tour to learn about the history of William Scott, the history of this man, and the significance of his art. This exhibition shows the family tragedies as well, these occurred so many years ago that would otherwise be forgotten.

Take a school trip to visit the Fermanagh County Museum

Within the Enniskillen Castle Museum, there are two programs offered for different aged students, they offer tours for both primary school and secondary school. The primary level tour is offered for students of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The program educates children to an appropriate extent of the history of the castle. Although when educating young children, the information must be made appropriate despite the tragic history of the plase. For older students at secondary level, the tour is expanded to show more of the history and the art that is displayed at the museum. They do these tours in a fun way for students to enjoy the museum. It is important for kids to learn of their local history and what happened here.

Take a guided tour

There are various tours offered for different interest, with all of the history the castle has to offer, it would be difficult to explore all the aspects of the history in one day, additionally to the school designed tours the museum offers the following tours

– Viking history: See the display of the roads the Vikings took and voyaged.

– Stone Age: at the museum, they show evidence that there were hunters living in Ireland during the Stone Age.

– Medieval Banquet: shows the dining set of medieval times.

– Castle under attack shows the history during WWII when the Germans were dropping bombs

– Granny: this tour is made in a fun way and consist on distinguishing the old items used in the medieval times and stone age to modern household items.

Additionally there are specific tours that show the history of more than the castle after all it holds more significance than just being a point of defense during World War II the castle goes back more than 600 years.  Here are some more things you can learn about.

– Maguire Chieftains

– Plantation Years

– Fermanagh during the Second World War

– Famine Memorials in County Fermanagh

Learn about WWII

During the WWII years, there were three key operation taking place in the Fermanagh Castle, where Americans, Canadians, Australians and British troops worked to protect the St Angelo Airport, to train base Killadeas and to launch Lough Erne. The history of these days and the contribution each county made to the operations is all explained in this tour. There are so many things to learn and they are divided in 4 parts

– The Fermanagh and the Donegal Corridor

– Castle Archdale

– RAF Killadeas

– St Angelo Rossahilly

See the 100 objects on display at the museum

This 100-object museum was specifically designed to tell the story of the Fermanagh family, the castle and the history. These 100 items have been chosen to be displayed at the museum as they are all key items to represent the rich history of the Fermanagh. The items go from spoons, signed documents from 1912, the original doors of the castle are also on display, as well as vases and medals that were all part of the castle as a home.

The Fermanagh museum is a great experience for all age, it has so many things to offer, and additionally for those who want to trace their ancestors to the castle can look through the extent documents at the Genealogy Center. If you are visiting the county of Fermanagh, you will enjoy an extended selection of art and history.  It is an interesting way to step back in time and appreciate the struggles of different eras throughout the history of the county.